MARSEILLE - Back in the days, it used to be common to see copies of the newspapers of the day lying around in public places, especially cafés. This habit tends to disappear, as we all are getting in touch with the news through our digital devices. Or maybe not all. Our goal with Marsactu wireless, is to make our investigations available to the users of places different kinds (cultural centers, third spaces, cafés, etc), for free.

Someone who will log into our website from the Wi-Fi of the place won’t see our paywall. Community centers would then allow their users to enjoy quality journalism for free.

Marsactu Wireless aims to bring online investigation to the most concerned citizens. We will open free reading points in their everyday places like cafés and community centers, with specific work to make this offer visible, including workshops with journalists.

Target group

As local media who cares about its impact, that question is critical. Observing the geographical distribution of our members is a source of humility. Our 2000 paying subscribers in Marseilles city center represent 1 % of the population (less than 15 years excluded). Quite good for an independent media like Marsactu. Yet, in the north of the city, which gathers unemployment and precarity, we reach seven times less people. This rate is almost as low in the east, more mixed from a social point of view but also peripheral to the city.

Goals of the project

Our main ambition with Marsactu Wireless is to bring our work to a broader audience, focusing on districts we cover but are less read. In the partnered social centers, Marseilles inhabitants of very different backgrounds and wealth will have free access to high quality information. We plan to open Marsactu Wireless in about thirty places, and have hosted a dozen workshops, to reach several thousands of new readers.



Marsactu is a local independant online media, based in Marseille.

€35.655 allocated on 27/06/2023




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