Faktoje.al is a media that deals with fact-checking by evaluating the statements of public officials and politicians, as well as by analysing important social and economic issues.

More than 300 statements and promises per year are evaluated according to the criteria of truthfulness, consistency and fulfilment of promises. “Faktoje” is the only fact-checking media in Albania that promotes accountability based on the right to information and transparency.

was established on May 2018 with the full technical support from the USAID-funded project “Justice for All”, implemented by EWMI. In our daily work, we seek to empower citizens of Albania and increase transparency on the promises and claims made by public officials or private entities benefitting from public funds. “Faktoje”, from 2019 is  a signatory member of the IFCN and co-founder of the Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans (ADN).

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How Disinformation Rules Waste Management in Western Balkans

  • Energy
  • Environment

SVETI NICOLE / ELBASAN – Could a waste management facility become New Chernobyl? Some people in North Macedonia are eager to believe this. This investigation looked into facts and disinformation surrounding waste management project in Western Balkans.