For teams that need support in a specific aspect of investigation a mentor can be appointed. A mentor can be suggested in a dialogue with the applicant team. The mentors are selected based on either the focus of investigation or the need for competences in a specific skill. Having the help of a mentor can have a significant positive influence on a team and story. Particularly teams of journalists less experienced in the field of transnational, investigative stories can reap the benefits of assistance from more experienced colleagues. The jury can also make a grant conditional of collaboration with a mentor.

The's team can suggest a mentor to the granted team from its pool or the team can choose the mentor from the list below and come up with his / her name. The limit to the days of mentorship depends on the case at hand, on the needs of the journalists involved. One person can also mentor more than one team. Since he / she is chosen, the mentor signs the mentor agreement with  

Here is a list of the different ways mentoring will add value to the journalists and the projects:

  • Tips related to research including securing information sharing and communication;
  • Identification of sources;
  • Interview methodology;
  • Sharpen the focus of the story;
  • Fresh perspective on a story;
  • Motivation to continue the work despite stumbling blocks;
  • Broadening the journalists’ network.

Here you can find at least six ways a mentor can directly benefit your research and story. 

Find the overview of mentors here.

(Photo: © Thomas More - EIJC & Dataharvest 2018)