We are happy to announce the 2017 deadlines of our regular cross-border grant programme. There are four cross-border deadlines planned. The deadlines for other grant programmes will be added later.

Journalismfund.eu started allocating research grants to transnational teams of investigative journalists as early as 2009. Our regular European cross-border grant programme has grown since then. For 2017 we can announce four deadlines:

  • Monday 1st February 2017
  • Wednesday 1st May 2017
  • Friday 1st September 2017
  • Wednesday 15th November 2017

The deadlines all close at 11.59 pm Brussels time.

Only teams consisting of at least two journalists from a different European country can apply. Before you consider submitting an application, please read the eligibility criteria. In the run-up to each deadline, advice sessions will be organised via Skype where interested candidates can ask us their questions and voice their concerns.

For journalists who already have a good idea and a team to work with: don't forget the next upcoming deadline of 27th October 2016!

Find more information about the application procedure here.

Children wrongly put up for adoption

Human Rights Organisations Call on Cabinet: Stop Adoptions Immediately


THE HAGUE - A group of children's rights and advocacy organisations is calling on outgoing minister Weerwind (Legal Protection, D66) to also stop ongoing adoption procedures with immediate effect. They are doing this in response to reports by Investico and TV programme Zembla. According to the group, it is "completely irresponsible" to finalise the ongoing procedures.