BRUSSELS - We are pleased to announce an extra application call for 2015. It is a by-subject call, so only applications on specific topics are eligible. The deadline is Wednesday 25 November.

In addition to our regular European cross-border grants, we also have special, by-subject cross-border grants. These are grants reserved for journalism stories on a specific topic, chosen by our International Advisory Board and ratified by our Board of Directors.

Deadline 25 November

We have had one such by-subject application call in the past. The topic at the time was 'follow the EU money'. Now, there is money for a second call. The deadline for this call closes on Wednesday 25 November 2015 at 11.59 pm Brussels time. There is €41,000 to distribute. And this time around, there is not one, but four eligible topics:

  • Surveillance and privacy
  • Nature and environment
  • Economy and finance (public spending and public debt, corruption)
  • Lobbying

The topics are not in order of priority; all four topics are equally relevant to the jury.

How to apply

The application procedure for a by-subject grant is the same as for a regular cross-border grant. The only difference with a regular cross-border grant application, is that you have to tick the box 'By-subject cross-border grant' in the project description tab in the application form.

You will find all the information you need on our application pages. Like for a regular cross-border grant, you will have to create a new applicant (if it is the first time you and your team are applying) before you can start with your actual application. Watch the step-by-step application guide here.

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