BRUSSELS - Yesterday, the General Assembly of Journalismfund.eu vzw decided to change the name of the organisation.

From now on, the organisation will be called Journalismfund Europe to communicate its focus in a broader spectrum than the countries of the European Union. In fact, this is not new. Since 2009, when the organisation first launched the European cross-border grants programme, we have always strived to promote living democracies across the entire European continent through supporting in-depth journalism. Therefore, the name change better reflects our long-standing ambition to promote the inclusion of all European countries and also underlines our independence from governments and thus from the EU.

Luc Tayart de Borms & Alia Papageorgiou

General Assembly appointed 2 new directors


BRUSSELS - On 7 March, Journalismfund's General Assembly held its annual meeting. Among a variety of other matters, two new directors were appointed.

SSE Riga

Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme - Module 3


Last week the Module 3 of Sustainability and Media Management Training Programme took place in Riga.