BRUSSELS – With our September 15 working grant application deadline coming up, Journalismfund.eu is planning a third and final day of Skype advice sessions with Director Europe Brigitte Alfter. The advice sessions will take place on Tuesday 2 September.

The Skype advice sessions are a new idea that we initiated for the first time for our September 2014 application round. Journalists can present their idea for a cross-border project to our Director Europe, experienced investigative journalist Brigitte Alfter. In that way, they get advice for their project or they gain insight into our expectations, which allows them to better prepare their application.

The first Skype advice session took place on 31 July; the second will be taking place on 26 August. The concept is proving to be a success: both days were virtually fully booked.

The third and final day is planned for Tuesday 2 September. If you would like to use this opportunity, send us an email at info [at] journalismfund.eu (subject: NEXT%20CALL) with subject 'NEXT CALL' for further planning. Please include your preferred time of day, i.e. morning, early afternoon or late afternoon (Brussels time).

Please read our eligibility criteria carefully before you make an appointment. Our budget is very limited so we will focus on our mission of promoting quality cross-border journalism in Europe. That means that not everyone can apply:

  • Journalismfund.eu supports journalists from EU and EFTA countries. When relevant for the story team members outside these countries can be accepted.
  • Applicants must be working as professional journalists.
  • Only natural persons are eligible.
  • Students are not eligible.

There are strict eligibility criteria for the subject of the project as well. Please find and read them here.

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