PARIS - The French Oil Company Perenco S.A. is now facing the Paris Court of Justice. This is the first case in which a French company has been held liable for environmental damage caused abroad. This case, researched by Lea Szulewicz, Dorian Cabrol, Alexandre Brutelle and Baron Nkoy, proves that Perenco S.A. had the means to act but did not take the necessary measures to prevent and stop the pollution linked to the group's oil activities in the DRC.

Perenco may now be forced to repair the ecological damage already caused in the DRC to stop the pollution, and prevent future environmental damage. On the other hand, French energy transition minister Agnès Pannier-Runacher was placed at the heart of a discrete inheritance scheme linked to hedge funds based in tax haven countries. Her father, a long-serving Perenco executive, set up a company to donate a €1.2 million investment portfolio to the minister’s children.

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John Bones

The warm Norwegian everyone melted for, has passed away


TRONDHEIM / BRUSSELS - Today is a sad day. Mr. Bones, John Bones (1954-2024), the CEO of Norway's SKUP (one of Europe's oldest Foundation for a Critical and Investigative Press), is no more.