The Pascal Decroos Fund for Investigative Journalism strives to advance investigative journalism in the Flemish media.

The programme awards grants to distinctive journalistic projects. The grant gives experienced as well as young journalists the chance to execute their investigative ideas and by doing so, contribute to quality investigative journalism in Flanders.

The grant programme - established in 1998 - has resided under the wings of since 2013. The programme is subsidised by the Flemish Government and aims to keep the memory of Pascal Decroos alive and to continue his life’s work. The Fund was set up in 1998 by family, close friends and colleagues of Decroos to commemorate and further the legacy of the Belgian journalist. What we stand for is what Pascal Decroos stood for in word and deed. He was dedicated to investigative journalism. He was committed to creating opportunities to develop young journalistic talent and had an ability to bring people from different facets of society to dialogue and work together.

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For Who
Flemish journalists

Professional investigative journalists. The results of the research must be published in a Flemish medium.

How Much

In 2018, there was €230,000 to distribute over two application rounds, which means approx. €115,000 per round. The money comes from the Flemish government.

Next deadline
17 november 2019