An important training need already identified for this webinar was security, both digital and physical. For investigative journalists and CSOs to do their work and expose cases of human trafficking and abuse, they need to be able to conduct their work in a safe, enabling environment. Through the security training, participants were empowered to create this environment and safeguard themselves from abuse and fall-out related to their work.  Speakers included Annie Kelly and Ian Urbina.

This webinar was organised by Journalismfund’s Modern Slavery Unveiled programme.This was the fifth webinar of the series of online training that aims to assist journalists and Civil Society Organisations who come into contact with human trafficking victims. 

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Safety and Security: How to Overcome the Risks When Investigating Human Trafficking featured two speakers with experience on this topic:

Annie Kelly is an award-winning human rights journalist for the Guardian and Observer. She is editor of the Guardian's Rights and Freedom series on modern slavery on trafficking and labour exploitation. Prior to her current role she was a foreign correspondent based in Latin America and has also reported on major human rights stories in countries including Liberia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, India, South Africa, Mexico and the Philippines.

Ian Urbina is an investigative reporter based in Washington. His most recent series, The Outlaw Ocean, chronicles a diversity of crimes offshore, including the killing of stowaways, sea slavery, intentional dumping, illegal fishing, the stealing of ships, gun running, stranding of crews, and murder with impunity. He has reported from Africa, Asia, Europe, South America and the Middle East, much of that time spent on fishing ships.  

Date: Wednesday 31 August 2022; 15:00 (CEST, Brussels).

09:00 (Washington, DC, Toronto)
14:00 (London, Tunis)
15:00 (Berlin, Cairo, Paris, Johannesburg)
16:00 (Amman, Moscow, Kampala, Nairobi, Istanbul)
18:00 (Islamabad)
18:30 (Delhi)
19:00 (Dhaka)
20:00 (Bangkok, Jakarta, Hanoi)
21:00 (Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur, Manila)
22:00 (Tokyo, Seoul)

Safety and security

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