Scriptie vzw was incubated by for three years before it became independent. Scriptie vzw is a non-profit organisation with the aim of promoting science and technology in Flanders (Belgium).

Founded in 2005, the Scriptie vzw has been working for more than a decade to bring science closer to the citizens, with the support of the Department of Economy, Science and Innovation of the Flemish Government.

The Flemish Dissertation Award and the Flemish Thesis Bank were originally initiatives that vzw (formerly known as the Pascal Decroos Fund) established in 2002. However, the Flemish Dissertation Award grew into a household name in three years. It left the nest of - together with the Flemish Scriptiebank - and became an independent body. Since 2005, the Flemish Dissertation Award has been organized by the Scriptie vzw. In 2007, the Scriptie vzw was included by the Flemish government as a structural partner in science (communication) policy.

The Flemish Dissertation Award

Scriptie vzw is the organisation behind the Flemish Thesis Prize, the annual search for the best Bachelor's and Master's theses that are completed at Flemish colleges and universities. Often, these strong, current studies disappear once finished in a drawer, never to be read again. The Flemish Thesis Prize saves these works from a dusty death by bringing them to the attention of the general public via the press. More about this project >

The Flemish Thesis Bank

The Flemish Thesis Bank is a freely accessible online database. This contains all articles and full text theses of participating bachelors and masters at the Flemish Dissertation Award. More about this project >

The Flemish PhD Cup

The Flemish PhD Cup is one of the main projects of Scriptie vzw. The Flemish PhD Cup is a pitch competition for newly promoted researchers. The competition challenges these scientists to share their years of research with the wider world: without footnotes or specialist language, but presented as a clear story. Participants receive an intensive four-day media training after which the competition erupts in all its intensity. More about this project >

Science Figured Out

Scientists thrive in their trusted environment, whether it's their lab, their office space or the stage at a scientific conference. Science Figured Out takes young researchers out of their comfort zones and places them in front of a camera with a clear assignment: share your passion for research with the general public! Tell us about your research in a clear and convincing 3-minute pitch. More about this project >