SARAJEVO - Fokus.ba is training journalists and doing a research on air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Fokus.ba is pointing out problems and illogicalities when talking about air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the authorities are failing to control an issue that is related to the death of thousands of people.

The country's reliance on coal and wood for heating and coal for electricity generation makes cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina some of the most polluted cities in the world during the winter months, when the levels of fine particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide, and other deadly pollutants regularly exceed what the World Health Organization says is safe for human health. An estimated 3,300 people in the country die prematurely each year from exposure to air pollution – 9 percent of all deaths, according to the World Bank. Thousands more live with worsening respiratory and cardiovascular problems. Elderly people and children are especially vulnerable.

Five young journalists are working together with the professional team of Fokus.ba and other three external journalists, producing investigative stories about air pollution in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The ultimate goals of Fokus.ba for this project are:

  • To improve investigative journalists capacities.
  • To inform citizens and other interested parties about the serious situation in the field of air pollution in our country.
  • To achieve close cooperation with CSO representatives.
  • To influence the authorities to take urgent actions and reforms in this domain
  • To educate and encourage other media to focus their resources and media content on writing about this important topic.

Fokus doo Sarajevo

Fokus.ba is an independent portal founded in 2014. The fokus.ba portal has been an objective and impartial portal since its inception, which plays a vital role in the democratization of society through informing and empowering citizens.


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