US/CANADA -There are few issues that have been as socially sensitive as immigration in recent years. At the same time, the policy on migration goes in all directions. While European countries mainly want to make access more difficult for newcomers and expel more people, the European Commission is actively attracting immigrants with the new Blue Card system, a work permit for non-Europeans valid throughout the Union.

In the meantime, no one knows how best to integrate immigrants and foreigners. With the support of the Pascal Decroos Fund, Jelle Henneman went to the United States and Canada, the 'original immigration countries', to see how - and if - immigration can work, and why Europe is struggling with it. 

Team members

Jelle Henneman

Jelle Henneman is a freelance journalist.

€ 3.000 allocated on 11/05/2011.

Series, De Tijd, 5/11/2011.

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