BORGERHOUT - With 'Apache Lokaal', the Belgian platform for investigative journalism, Apache, will kickstart a network of local investigative journalists. The focus will be on municipalities and regions barely covered by the media in Flanders (Belgium).

With the grant 'Local Media for Democracy' Apache will create and sustain a local investigative journalism structure embedded in the newsroom. A coordinator will be recruited and a network of local investigative journalists will be formed. As part of this project, Apache will also set up one participatory investigation that will serve as a blueprint for future local investigations.

Target group

The target group of the project 'Apache Lokaal' are the inhabitants of rural areas, towns, and smaller cities in Flanders, Belgium. These residents can't find credible and comprehensive investigations in the traditional media they use because those media don't invest in local investigative journalism. The inhabitants thus don't receive quality information and investigations on social and political local questions. This has an impact on democracy and on the debate on a local level.

Goals of the project

  • Create a local investigative journalism news desk in the newsroom.
  • Attract a part time coordinator to set up the news desk, and in a later stadium run it.
  • Experiment with one local investigation, that should contribute a blueprint for future local investigative projects.

About the media outlet

Apache is a Belgian platform for investigative journalism, in depth reporting and analysis. It was founded in 2009 and is backed by a cooperative whose owners are readers, journalists and sympathisers. Apache publishes investigations on its website Apache.be and in its quarterly magazine called Apache Magazine. It has 5.500 digital subscribers and 1.500 magazine subscribers. The website is visited by 80.000 persons monthly.

The editorial team of Apache investigates a broad range of topics, ranging from politics, over real estate and business interests to social affairs. Local issues in Flanders, Belgium are also an important subject of investigation. The core team of Apache counts 8 investigative journalists, with a diverse mix of junior and senior journalists. Apache works also with a broad range of freelancers and has an extensive network of experts.


€20.900 allocated on 27/06/2023




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