GAZA - In Beyond the wall we follow two young Palestinians who face the many restrictions in Palestine on a daily basis but despite everything have decided to chase their dream. Sports and politics, in Palestine it's only a small step...


Marcel is a young Palestinian runner who lives in the Gaza Strip. His dream is to run the 'Right to movement' marathon in Bethlehem in the West-Bank. He has been refused to travel to the marathon for the last two editions but he still has hope he will get permission this time.
The organizers of the marathon created the biggest international sports event in Palestine. It is their way to claim their rights and to involve people all over the world. Rawan Bannoura, a young Palestinian woman, participates for the third time and helps with organizing the marathon. She loves running and she wants to get her message across. From sports to politics, it's only a small step in Palestine.
We run alongside the wall and look back on the war of summer 2014 from which Gaza hasn't recovered yet.

Team members

Berber Verpoest

Berber Verpoest (1983) is a Belgian freelance (video) journalist from Belgium.

€ 5.000 allocated on 11/05/2015.


  • Door de muur, Vranckx, Canvas, 23/05/2015.

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