Sisters Katrijn and Goele Geeraert traveled through the Democratic Republic of the Congo for two months and met different youngsters. They want to get to know the youth of Congo better and give an illustration of the life of Congolese youngsters today through those meetings.

One main question is at the basis of this project: we know so much about Congo's past through the tales and testimonies of older generations, but we seldom look forward together with the biggest segment of the Congolese people, the youth of today.

Katrijn and Goele's reportages are published on the MO* MO* wereldblog.

Team members

Katrijn Geeraert

Katrijn Geeraert works as a freelance creator of social-artistic video projects and documentaries. With Lost Collective she made dancing portraits of people in order to reinforce social cohesion in heterogenic neighbourhoods. She also collaborated on different projects in the South, on her own account as well as for other organisations.

Goele Geeraert

Goele Geeraert is a freelance journalist. She specialises in economy, the labour market, human resources and social wellbeing. During the past years she has gone to Congo twice, which resulted in several articles in print and online media.

A working grant of €8,000 allocated on 29/03/2013.


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