ŁOWICZ - Video production for the cities of Łowicz, Głowno, Stryków and Żychlin and its surroundings. The third parallel channel of information, along with the existing ones: traditional newspaper and Internet portal.

Introducing regular video programs, both from studio and realized outside, covering intersting topics, especially in the areas, where the habit of reading the press is weak. Buying necessary equipment, organising the studio, training fthe journalists. Also preparing video ads as the source of income.

Target group

We have a well-living, quite rich, active and vibrant community of Łowicz itself and the surrounding villages, but also a much poorer and less confident population of the cities of Głowno and Żychlin and the surrounding area. In each of these two cities, our newspaper and portal are the only independent local media. The area is too poor for two news organisations to exist - so if it were not for us, the population would be totally dependent on the information published by the local authorities or the government-owned media.

Goals of the project

Broadening the audience, especially in the poorer areas of our terrain. Strenghtening our position as the independent medium (both from local government and from the central government and its institutions). Increasing the income from video advertising. 

About the media outlet

Nowy Łowiczanin, a weekly est. 1990 , Lowiczanin.info – its Internet portal. Independent, totally local enterprise based in Łowicz, central Poland.

€14.780 allocated on 27/06/2023




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