LESBOS - Dimitri Van Zeebroeck and Lize Van Dyck join forces for a special film documentary about the migration crisis, more specifically in Lesbos, Greece. In the meantime, they write blog posts and articles for MO*, a Belgian magazine.

"Nowadays there is an overload of information about the refugee crisis in the media. In the majority of these texts and visual messages the 'refugee problem' or 'migration crisis' is dealt with in a fairly informative and dry manner. Such reports about the difficulties of asylum procedures and housing, the growing migration flow, the figures and changing laws and regulations concerning migration, are very important, but remain overly remote for the average Belgian.

What we want to do goes beyond reports about the refugee crisis. We want to give the floor to the people themselves. Let the refugee tell their own story with their own words. Representing their daily reality in a dignified manner, allowing the viewer to see that it is about people like us. That it could have happened to us, but that we're lucky it didn't. "

Photo: © Dimitri Van Zeebroeck

Lize Van Dyck

Lize Van Dyck is a Belgian anthropologist.

Dimitri Van Zeebroeck

Dimitri Van Zeebroeck is a Belgian photographer and documentary maker.

€ 7.000 allocated on 15/11/2018.


In production


Brand, dromen en tranen op Lesbos, MO.be, 04/10/2019. (in Dutch)

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