Peru is one of the economically fastest growing countries of Latin-America. Still, inequality stays high and social conflicts are raging throughout the country.

In March 2013, a free trade agreement with the European Union will come into force. Why Peru? And what does free trade bring the Peruvians? Wies Willems sought it out for MO* Magazine, with support of the Pascal Decroos Fund.

Team members

Wies Willems

Wies Wilems (°1985) is a freelance journalist who writes for MO* Magazine, amongst others. He studied Germanic languages and Conflict & Development (UGent), and took the investigative journalism course Internationale Researchjournalistiek (Thomas More Mechelen).

A working grant of € 3.737 allocated on 2/07/2012.

De ongelijke zegeningen van de vrije markt, 27 February 2013, MO* Magazine.

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