LVIV - This project setup by Environment-People-Law (EPL) aims to promote due priority of environmental issues in social agenda of Ukraine and increase environmental awareness of Ukrainians.

About the project
The project aims to promote due priority of environmental issues in social agenda of Ukraine and increase environmental awareness of Ukrainians through launching an environmental rubrics in the Day newspaper, publishing a manual on environmental journalism, organising a 4 weeks online school of environmental journalism followed by a contest for best environmental journalistic investigation and wide dissemination of the best materials. The school focuses on reporting on war-caused damage to the environment, covering environmental legislation, policy and practice, specifics of investigating and reporting on environmental issues, engaging audience, writing simply about complicated issues and inspiring journalists to work with environmental issues by featuring experience of prominent environmental investigators and journalists.

About the organisation

Founded in 1994, Environment-People-Law (EPL) is one of the leading environmental law organisations in Europe working both nationally and internationally to improve and enforce environmental legislation, build environmental policy, provide legal assistance to citizens and organisations for protection of environmental rights and the environment, raise awareness about environmental conservation, science and culture in Ukraine and around the world.

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