BRUSSELS – ‘Once upon a time there was a man...’ Thus begins the story I was told as a little girl. In the podcast ‘Monsters don’t exist’ I revisit that story together with my contemporaries who grew up in 1990s turbulent Belgium, just like me. While we were busy with homework and playing in the streets, unsettling images and news reports seeped into our young lives and reshaped our understanding of the world forever.


Ruth Vandewalle looks back on the Dutroux case that is commonly described as Belgium’s worst criminal case where several young girls were abducted, raped and killed by Marc Dutroux in 1995-96.

More than twenty five years later, it’s time to ask new questions. Does the story of this 'monster' perhaps blind us to what is really happening around us? 

The podcast 'Monsters don't exist' was originated from the documentary 'Petites' by director Pauline Beugnies. More info and the film's trailer can be found here.


Team members

Ruth Vandewalle

Ruth Vandewalle is a Belgian freelance correspondent in Egypt who mainly works for Dutch and Belgian TV, radio and written press.

Ruth Vandewalle
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