TEHERAN - Women face obstacles when entering public spaces: prejudice, traditions, prohibitive laws, violence. All over the world, brave, creative women have found ways to overcome these obstacles. With their specific modes of transport, they challenge gender roles, gain independence, self-confidence and strength. Each is changing her environment from within, becoming an inspiring role model.

In the western world, pioneering work often took place earlier. Nobody looks up anymore from female truck drivers, nor from motorcyclists or pilots. A number of (still living) pioneers were born in the 1920s and 1930s. World War II drivers, for example. Yet female crane drivers or sea captains are still very thin on the ground. Outside the West, it often happens now: Iranian truck drivers, skateboarding girls in Cambodia, a pilot in Pakistan, 4x4-driving Bedouin in Oman, cycling girls in rural India, train drivers in Saudi Arabia, taxi scooter drivers in Bangladesh and Tanzania.

Move she does will be the platform for these pioneers, in photos, text, audio and short videos. The project targets the widest possible diversity of ages, cultures, classes, backgrounds and vehicles, and will take several years to develop that breadth broadly enough.

With this project, Trui Hanoulle aims to track down a series of untold stories, highlight the courage, strength and ongoing struggles of these often unsung heroines, keep their inspiration rolling on, locally and globally, and create more equality, justice, sisterhood, understanding and empathy.

Team members

Trui Hanoulle

Trui Hanoulle is a Belgian photographer, storyteller, graphic designer, teacher, motorcyclist, long-distance traveller, queer.

€ 8.550 allocated on 22/04/2022.

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