Worldwide, more than 65 million people are on the run for war, terror, poverty or climatic changes. A sad record. Although only a small percentage of these refugees go to Europe, the political discourse on migration and refugees is one of an evil that should be prevented by all means.

This photoreport draws the situation along the Balkan route, a year and a half after the European leaders announced the 'closure' of it. In reality, the large stream in the Balkans has been extinguished, but the Balkan route is not really 'closed'.

What closed was the so-called 'formalized corridor', which gave the refugees a free passage to Western Europe for some time. However, the route still exists in an informal way. Hidden, as it already existed a decade ago using smuggling networks.

Brecht De Vleeschauwer

Brecht de Vleeschauwer (° 1988) is an independent photographer and journalist. 

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