Everywhere people are on the move. In search of a better life. Europe is bursting at the seams with new citizens. The old continent is struggling with the immigration phenomenon; and handling it with amazing ineptitude. The question is not: who is welcome and who is not? The question has to be: how are we to accommodate all these newcomers?

The frontiers of fort Europe
For a year and a day this subject has occupied the minds of writer Michael De Cock and photographer Stephan Vanfleteren. Frequently together, sometimes on their own, they visited the furthest outposts of Europe – Malta, Slovakia... They talked to people on the coasts of Africa who were all ready to emigrate, and they followed the fortunes of those venturing from Ostend to London.

Team members

Michael De Cock

Michael Decock is artistic director at KVS Brussels, the Brussels City Theatre.

Stephan Vanfleteren

Stephan Vanfleteren lives and works in his native Belgium. After his photography studies he started to work as a freelancer in 1993.

A working grant of € 6.000 allocated on 17/06/2008.

ARTICLES (in Dutch)
A series of articles published in the Belgian weekly Knack (19/11/2008 & 26/11/2008)

BOOK (in Dutch)
Title: Aller/Retour
Subtitle: Reis langs de grenzen van fort Europa
Authors: Michael De Cock & Stephan Vanfleteren
Publisher: Meulenhoff/Manteau
ISBN: 9789085421719
Published: 10/06/2010

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