LAKE OHRID - DMO Albania is organising a training for journalists, centred on the environmental issues putting pressure on the ecosystem of Lake Ohrid (Albanian side).

The Albanian side of Lake Ohrid has many problems, especially with illegal fishing, construction, waste management, detergents, and mine leaks, which are polluting the lake. DMO Albania produced an investigative report on polluters of Lake Ohrid Albanian side in 2019, but since then nothing has changed and the same problems keep putting pressure on the environment. This project aims to gather environment journalists in a workshop in Pogradec, to train and make raise awareness on the importance to cover these specific environmental issues.

About the organisation

DMO Albania is a non-profit based in Tirana, Albania. The aim of this organisation is to help destinations be sustainable, offering consultancy on product development, marketing of destinations and lately training in sustainable tourism.

€13.000 granted dd. 14/07/2022

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