BERLIN - Free movement of labour within the European Union causes a significant and growing number of doctors working abroad. However, that also requires free movement of information, in order to secure patients' safety.

Cases of doctors who are guilty of malpractice and then migrate to other European countries to continue their practice have increasingly been causing public outrage in recent years. Experts describe the current monitoring system as “profoundly unsatisfactory.”

Now, the European Commission wants to install a Europe-wide alert mechanism. According to Patient Rights activists, however, the planned system does not ensure enough transparency.

Sabine Prokscha

Sabine Prokscha (1978) is a German journalist.

Phillip Kemp

Phillip Kemp (1980) is a British senior journalist at BBC News.

Philip Kemp

Emma Rippon

Emma Rippon is a British journalist.

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'Question Marks over EU Register of Bad Doctors' (EUobserver, 1 March 2013)

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