PANGUINTZA - In Ecuador, cocoa farmers with UN financing and the support of a Dutch Foundation implemented blockchain technology to undermine the market power of big food companies and create more transparency in international supply chains. It’s a desperate intent to fight back illegal gold mining in the Amazon and generate more income for peasants.

Journalists went to the remote village of Panguintza where the blockchain experiment took place and investigated how it works as well as the social, economic, and ecologic impacts. Although the declared aim of the project to replace development aid with trade is still out of reach, the blockchain has the power to make visible inequalities and generate more income for the cocoa growers, but falls shortof changing the unequal terms of trade inherent to thestructure of international cash crop markets.

Team members

Sandra Weiss

Sandra Weiss is an award-winning German journalist and political scientist.

Sandra Weiss

Florian Kopp

Florian Kopp has been a freelance Photographer for 20 years.

Florian Kopp

Oliver Ginthör

Oliver Ginthör is a motion designer and filmmaker from Germany with 24 years of experience.

Oliver Ginthör

Paula Fray

Paula Fray is an African feminist storyteller.

Paula Fray
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