Paula Fray has worked in media for more than three decades as a journalist, editor, trainer, and media manager. Paula was the first female editor of the Saturday Star newspaper in South Africa and regional director for Africa for Inter Press Service, a global development news agency.

She founded the pan-Africans communications company frayintermedia in 2005 before establishing fraycollege in 2017.

She is President of The New Humanitarian news agency, a board member of Africa Check and of Accountability Lab SA. She is a Print and Digital Media SA Fellow and a public representative on the Press Council of South Africa.
Paula graduated with a BJourn degree from Rhodes University and has a Woman and Law Certificate from UNISA. A recipient of the prestigious Nieman Fellowship at Harvard University, she is a former member of the Nieman Foundation Advisory Board at Harvard.

Paula Fray

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Paula Fray
African feminist storyteller
African feminism, storytelling
South Africa

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Can Blockchain Make Our Chocolate Fairer?

PANGUINTZA - In Ecuador, cocoa farmers with UN financing and the support of a Dutch Foundation implemented blockchain technology to undermine the market power of big food companies and create more transparency in international supply chains. It’s a desperate intent to fight back illegal gold mining in the Amazon and generate more income for peasants.

Intensive Dairy Farming: Increasing Water Pollution

  • Agriculture
  • Environment

BRUSSELS — Some EU members states are still allowed to apply high levels of nitrogen to grassland, despite the long-adopted EU’s Water Framework Directive. The investigation contrasts the status of surface water in Ireland, where it is the case, and Italy, and reveals the impact of intensive dairy agriculture on aquatic life.

Increasing Water Pollution

Multinational telecom company stashes $22m from Malawi in the Netherlands

  • Finance
  • Tax evasion

LILONGWE - Taxation treaties that Malawi signed with other countries over the last fifty years are costing the country hundreds of millions of dollars, since they have opened up opportunities for multinational corporations to reduce their tax liability through tax avoidance.


Noise pollution in Western Balkans: Loud, but underestimated environmental issue

  • Environment
  • Healthcare

Two articles, one story - noise pollution in Western Balkans. Although constantly underestimated, this pollution is disturbing citizens of the region’s capitals on a daily basis. Unfortunately, noise has become a habit, which is precisely what should not happen.