TUZLA - According to studies, the 18 coal power plants in the Western Balkans (WB) are responsible for more pollution than the 221 coal power plants still active in the European Union.

This immense atmospheric pollution contributes to global warming and its consequences are visible locally, with thousands of deaths per year in the WB and neighboring countries, since pollution doesn’t recognize borders.
As candidates to EU integration, the WB countries are supposed to embrace the European New Green Deal and start their transition from coal toward renewable energy sources, where they have an unexplored potential. But they don’t, and with the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine, they revive the coal industry to avoid electricity shortage and even bigger inflation. But the prices of electricity have never taken into account the underestimated and under-reported health cost paid by the consumers, especially those living nearby the coal plants...

Team members

Simon Rico

Simon Rico is a French journalist, co-chief editor at Le Courrier des Balkans, based in Marseille, France.

Simon Rico

Marion Roussey

Marion Roussey is a French journalist based in Mostar, Bosnia-and-Herzegovina. 

Marion Roussey

Milica Čubrilo-Filipović

Milica Čubrilo-Filipović is a Serbian-French journalist based in Belgrade, Serbia. 

Florentin Cassonnet

Florentin Cassonnet is a French journalist based in Bucharest, Romania. 

Geoffrey Brossard

Geoffrey Brossard is a French cameraman and photographer based in Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina.


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Le Courrier des Balkans

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