IMPERATRIZ - in Brazil, companies with long legacies of environmental destruction and human rights abuses are attracting large amounts of finance from European investors, some of it in the form of green finance - the fastest growing financial sector in the world.

The story focuses on three important sectors in Brazil: mining, pulp and paper, and soy. Based on visits to affected communities, interviews with officials and experts, court documents, and financial records, we show the human and environmental legacy of European investments in large companies like Vale, Suzano, and SLC Agricola. 

With an increased demand for these commodities, European investors have given billions of dollars of low-interest loans to these companies to expand. But without resolving these land conflicts and environmental irregularities, it will be the environment that suffers, along with the Afro-Brazilian, indigenous, and local communities that depend on it.

Team members

Sarah Sax

Sarah Sax is a freelance investigative journalist based in New York.

Sarah Sax

Maurício Angelo

Maurício Angelo is an award-winning international investigative journalist based in Brasilia.

Maurício Angelo

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