Glencore, the world's largest mining company, faced accusations of human rights, labor, and environmental violations at its annual shareholder meeting in Zug, Switzerland. Activists from around the world gathered to protest the company's practices, which include alleged workplace harassment, anti-union policies, and environmental pollution. 

Glencore's board of directors repeatedly responded with evasive statements, claiming they were not aware of the issues. The company has been accused of causing contamination and displacing indigenous and local communities in countries like Colombia, Canada, and Australia. Despite recording significant profits, Glencore's actions have raised concerns among investors and communities worldwide, urging for accountability and changes in the company's behavior.

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Andrés Gómez Tarazona

Andres Gomez is philologist based in Bogotá.

Andres Gomez

Omar Vera

Omar is co-founder of El Turbion and journalist.

Omar Vera
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