Ana Tudela is co-founder of DATADISTA. Investigative economic journalist specialized in new narrative.

She has worked as an economics and business reporter at El Economista, Público and El Español and was Chief of Content in the Spanish edition of Forbes. Collaborate in media like, El País, Jot Down and Ctxt. She is the author of Crisis S.A. (Akal, 2014) and co-author of Playa Burbuja (Datadista, 2018), research on the consequences of the real estate bubble on the Mediterranean peninsular coast. Collaborating professor in different masters of investigative journalism, data and innovation in Spain.

Special mention in the Ortega y Gasset 2022 awards (organized by El País) for his investigation "Intensive Spain" where it is explained how agriculture and livestock has changed and is questioning the economic, social and environmental objectives of the Policy Common Agricultural (CAP).

Ana Tudela

Basic information

Ana Tudela
Investigative economic journalist

Supported projects

The Forever Pollution Project

  • Environment

EUROPE - More than 17.000 sites all over Europe are contaminated by the “forever chemical” PFAS, an exclusive, monthslong investigation from 18 European newsrooms shows. The investigation “The Forever Pollution Project” reveals an additional 22.000 presumptive contamination sites due to current or past industrial activity. The contamination revealed by this project spreads all over Europe.

The dark trace in the water of the cheap meat big business

  • Environment

Aragón (Spain), Herefordshire (United Kingdom) and Lower Saxony (Germany) have become areas with a very high density of intensive farms. An international investigation reveals the dynamics behind the expansion and the pollution of rivers, aquifers and even tap water that it brought along.