Arno Van Crombruggen is a cameraman and editor.

Together with Kubra Mayda and Astrid Goossens, he went to Armenia and Turkey to discover the story behind Kubra's genes. In "War in my genes" we follow this journey and see the consequences of war and genocide 100 years later.

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Arno Van Crombruggen
documentary, history, culture

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War in my genes

  • Armed conflict
  • Culture

YEREVAN - Kubra was born and raised in Belgium. However, her family is Turkish, at least, that's what they thought, because she was brought up as a Belgian Turk: with Turkish customs and the Islamic faith. Internal doubts lead her to have a DNA test taken in 2017 to see if she actually has Turkish roots. The test showed that she is not Turkish but Armenian. After further investigation, it appeared that this was due to the genocide around 1916.