Assia Rabinowitz is a French journalist.

Assia Rabinowitz is an independent journalist specialised in tourism, gastronomy and social issues. She has worked in several newsrooms (print media), has hosted a radio show in Italy and has published several city guides (Florence, San Francisco, Riga, Ljubljana, etc.).

She works freelance. Her articles have appeared in Le Nouvel Observateur, La Tribune, Le Figaro, etc. She also wrote several travel guides for publisher Gallimard.

IRPI’s investigation “Gaza’s gas: the EU’s burned millions” by Cecilia Ferrara and Assia Rabinowitz has been shortlisted together with other 71 finalists for the Data Journalism Awards 2013 (DJA).

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Assia Rabinowitz
tourism, gastronomy, social issues

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Gaza's Gas: The EU's Burned Millions

  • Economy

The Gaza Strip suffers daily power cuts of eight hours or more; the region's only power plant produces far too little electricity to meet the people's needs. How did things get this far, after massive international aid has been invested in the region that was supposed to help the Gazans?