Bence Máté is a documentary film director and journalist.

He was stationed in Cairo as a Middle East correspondent for the Hungarian public news service until he resigned in 2016. His most recent works include the political documentary OUR MAN IN CAIRO, which was broadcast by over a dozen stations worldwide, including ARTE.

He co-directed 24H EUROPE, a 24-hour television documentary and directed the award-winning documentary KOKA, THE BUTCHER, which was broadcast by BBC Arabic and co-produced by Al Jazeera English.

Bence is originally from Hungary, currently living in Berlin.

Bence Máté

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Bence Máté

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BUDAPEST - Hungary during the 2022 election campaign: Prime Minister Viktor Orbán relies on a level of media control unprecedented in the EU. A group of young journalists takes on the state propaganda. The documentary by Bence Máté and Áron Szentpéteri shows exclusive footage and documents taken directly from the state media headquarters. They reveal how the Prime Minister's Cabinet Office controls the media and rules over 80% of the media market.

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