Feliciano Tisera is a Spanish journalist and storyteller with more than ten years of working experience, mainly in international media in Europe and Argentina.

Since 2015, he is reporting for BEZ.es, a Spanish online platform.

His media experience includes major news companies (Reuters, ABC, Clarin) in Spain, Argentina, and the United Kingdom. He worked in different media formats (newspapers, magazines, Internet publishing, radio and television). He have also worked in several international organisations as a press officer. Tisera has experience analysing data to produce information to a whole range of audiences, as well as working as part of a global team.

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Feliciano Tisera

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Eurocrimes - Exploring Criminal Worlds on the Continent

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The migration of criminality between European countries is a major source of social and political tension on the continent. Though dominant in the news, this phenomenon is barely covered in reports released by national and European institutions, creating an information gap that furthers mistrust and fear between people.