The migration of criminality between European countries is a major source of social and political tension on the continent. Though dominant in the news, this phenomenon is barely covered in reports released by national and European institutions, creating an information gap that furthers mistrust and fear between people.

Which are the countries that have become main sources of criminal activities? What routes do they follow? What is specific to one country or another when it comes to crimes? How much is reality and how much is myth? What are the main causes of these crimes?

A team of international journalists across six nations took a closer look at this phenomenon, gathering statistics on prisoner numbers from national institutions in 25 European countries and creating infographics that would help the public better understand the scale of criminality and its relationship to migration. They also studied a variety of offenses, from human trafficking to drug dealing and from shoplifting to car thefts, by talking with former convicts, victims, experts, and authorities and travelling to hot spots on the crime map of Europe.

(Photo credits: © Michael Bird / © Kristjan Teedema)

Team members

Michael Bird

Michael Bird is an award-winning journalist and writer based in Bucharest, Romania.

Michael Bird

Vlad Odobescu

Vlad Odobescu is a Romanian freelance feature writer.

Vlad Odobescu

Cecilia Ferrara

Cecilia Ferrara is a journalist based in Rome, former member and founder of the Investigative Reporting Project Italy and contributor of Radio Bullets.

Cecilia Ferrara

Feliciano Tisera

Feliciano Tisera is a Spanish journalist and storyteller with more than ten years of working experience, mainly in international media in Europe and Argentina.

Sigute Limontaite

Sigute Limontaite is a Lithuanian foreign reporter based in London. She covers current affairs, specialising in Lithuanian immigrants in the UK.

Paulius Ramanauskas

Paulius Ramanauskas is a Lithuanian journalist specialised in covering criminal activities.

Cosmin Pojoranu

Cosmin Pojoranu’s creative work is to be found at the intersection of culture ± technology ± communication. (Bucharest, Romania)

Andrei Mocanca

Andrei Mocanca (Romania) is a web developer specialized in frontend applications and data visualization. Andrei is based in France.


Sorina Vasilescu

Sorina Vasilescu (Sorina Vazelina) is a graphic designer, illustrator and cartoonist born and educated in Romania.

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