Gabriela Keller is a senior reporter working for the Berlin-based investigative newsroom CORRECTIV.
Most recently, she has focused on structural violence against women. She has uncovered systematic patterns of abuse against the girlfriends and wives of professional football players, with regard to the structures protecting allegedly violent men and coercing victims of domestic violence into silence. For this investigation, Gabriela has been selected among the Journalists of the Year and nominated for prestigious awards such as the Reporterpreis.
Gabriela has also covered financial stories, revealing dubious offshore-structures behind a Cannabis company that has been awarded a government contract for the logistics and delivery of medicinal Cannabis. In recent years, she has focused intensely on mainly economic subjects, intransparent companly structures involving the risk of money laundering and tax evasion, questionable renewable energy projects in Eastern Germany's rural areas, illegal party financing and lobbying efforts to prevent an efficient due diligence legislation in Europe.
Before her current position at CORRECTIV, she has worked for different Berlin-based daily newspapers. Previously she has been based as a foreign reporter and correspondent in Syria and Lebanon. 

Gabriela Keller

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Gabriela Keller
Investigative Journalist
Party Financing, Lobbying, Renewable Energies and Health Sector

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Inside Europe’s Secret Conversion Therapy Conference

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