Giacomo Zandonini is a Rome-based freelance journalist.

Giacomo’s work focuses on politics of borders and identity, European public policies and digital surveillance. He has been reporting extensively from the Sahel and West Africa, with a particular attention to migration and counter terrorism in Niger.

His investigations, reports and long reads were featured in The Guardian, Der Spiegel, Die Zeit, Republik, Foreign Policy, De Groene Amsterdammer, Le Monde, Médiapart, De Correspondent, El Diario, Balkan Insight, Solomon, Irpi Media, Internazionale, La Repubblica, L’Espresso.

He was awarded the Media Migration Award (2017), the True Story Award (2019) and the Evens Foundation Journalism Prize for Geopolitics (2022). He believes in collaborations and strives to identify new narratives and angles to tell stories that matter.




Giacomo Zandonini

Basic information

Giacomo Zandonini
Migration, mobility, human trafficking, European policies and conflicts in the Sahel and West Africa

Supported projects

Europe's Seas in Danger

  • Environment
  • Fishing industry

EDINBURGH - Europe’s marine environment faces a plethora of severe threats. What are the key species in decline, and which interest groups are lobbying against marine protection laws? This investigation looks into Europe’s interconnected marine systems, and how they can be preserved.

How Europe Co-financed Sudan’s Notorious Paramilitary Group

  • Armed conflict
  • Corruption

EUROPE/SUDAN - This series of investigative reports looks at a private security company belonging to the RSF shadow economy and at its clients – European and Western embassies, aid and developmental organizations.

Can depopulation in Europe's islands be reversed?

  • Cities

United Kingdom - With islands across Europe having experienced years of population decline, many now face an uncertain future.

Angela Catlin

Europe’s war in the Sahel: tracking financial flows for security forces and their impact

  • Security

NIAMEY - This is the first article of a year-long cross-border independent investigation into EU money invested in Niger for security purposes.

Tracking the European Union’s migration millions

  • Data Journalism
  • Migration
  • Trafficking

The Emergency Trust Fund for Africa (EUTF) is the European Union's largest funding mechanism for development, stability and migration in Africa. Over the past three years it has spent 4,6 billion euro in 26 African countries. This money, however, has not been spent following the proper public procurement laws of the EU.