Griet Hendrickx (1983) is a Belgian & Kenyan based photographer.

She uses the medium to document stories on social issues from East Africa and beyond.

Specialized in portrait and documentary photography, she combines working for international (non profit) organizations, magazines and newspapers with personal projects.

For her, it is not only about making nice images, it’s about telling a story in the most honest way. She believes that only through a true commitment to a place and it’s community, through opening your mind and having sincere interest and respect, that a meaningful work can be made. Therefore she prefers working on long-term projects. Today, video, audio and text are becoming equally important in her work.

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Griet Hendrickx

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An aftertaste of poverty

  • Human Rights

SOUTH-AFRICA - South African winegrowers produce more than seven thousand different wines and are among the wealthy elite in the country. Millions of consumers around the world taste the high quality of South African wine, but the workers who pick and process the grapes barely enjoy the added value produced.