Griselda Molemans holds MA’s in Art History and  Classical Archaeology from Vrije University in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. 

She works as a documentary maker and investigative reporter and is the author of twelve nonfiction books. 

Her focus on the history of the Dutch East Indies, present-day Indonesia, has resulted in various book titles, among which are Daughters of the archipelago, Heirs of the Dutch East Indies and The Forgotten Warriors.

It was during research for 'Daughters of the Archipelago' (2004) that she discovered the real extent of Japanese forced prostitution in the former Dutch colony. Combined with research in foreign archives and testimonies of victims and eye-witnesses, the evidence regarding the war crimes rape and forced prostitution in all occupied territories will be published in A lifetime of war, due out in January 2020.

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Griselda Molemans
Investigative Journalist

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The money trail of the Japanese Imperial brothel system

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SEOUL - From 1932 through 1945, the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy exploited a system of forced prostitution in all occupied territories in China, South East Asia and the Pacific Ocean, enslaving women and girls of many ethnicities as so-called ‘ comfort women'. These war crime victims represent 34 sovereign countries and city-states plus autonomous territories.*