Born in Indonesia, Hans Nicholas Jong is a staff writer at the environmental news site Mongabay. Before joining Mongabay in 2017, Hans worked for The Jakarta Post for five years.

Having covered a wide range of issues, from election to economy, Hans found his passion in covering the environment. Being surrounded with people who spent their lives protecting the environment has fueled his interests and desires to write about the complexities of environmental issues in Indonesia and other countries.

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Hans Nicholas Jong
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The Consultant: Why did a palm oil conglomerate pay $22m to an unnamed ‘expert’ in Papua?

  • Corruption
  • Environment

MONAKWARI - This investigation examines a $22 million “consultancy fee” paid by one of the world’s largest palm oil conglomerates, the Korindo Group, in connection with the acquisition of a shell company that held permits to establish an oil palm plantation in Indonesia’s easternmost province of Papua.

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