Hee Seok Park is an investigative reporter for The Monthly Chosun, Korea’s leading investigating news media.

He holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Hanyang University in Seoul and covers Korean politics, political parties and local governments. Over the years, he has published extensively on Japanese military sexual slavery in South East Asia between 1932-1945. 

Recently, Park published an article on the administrative incompetence and tax waste of the ruling party's leading candidate in Korea, who ranked first in the presidential candidate's approval rating. The candidate has filed several lawsuits, demanding a large sum of money from Park, but to no avail: The reporter continued publishing investigative articles without being hindered by the pressure of power.

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Hee Seok Park
Investigative reporter
Japanese military sexual slavery
South Korea

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The money trail of the Japanese Imperial brothel system

  • Exploitation
  • Human Rights
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SEOUL - From 1932 through 1945, the Japanese Imperial Army and Navy exploited a system of forced prostitution in all occupied territories in China, South East Asia and the Pacific Ocean, enslaving women and girls of many ethnicities as so-called ‘ comfort women'. These war crime victims represent 34 sovereign countries and city-states plus autonomous territories.*