Isabelle Vanhoutte (º1987) is a Belgian journalist.

She has obtained a master's degree in history and art history. Since 2016, she writes about sustainable bottom-up projects and circulair economy on her blog

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Isabelle Vanhoutte
Healthcare, Innovation

Supported projects

The Plastic Podcast

  • Innovation
  • Environment

BRUSSELS - Today, plastics are everywhere. Metres deep on the seabed in the Mariana Trench. At the top of Mont Blanc. At the North Pole. In your blood.

How Green Dot organisations oppose environmental legislation across Europe

  • Environment
  • Industry

BRUSSELS / BERLIN - On almost every drinking bottle or plastic wrapper you can find a Green Dot sign: a circle with two swirling green arrows inside. The logo represents the system of waste separation in yellow bins and blue bags, run by 'Green Dot' organisations. These organisations ensure the recycling of all our used packaging.

Plastic recycling in Belgium: how are we doing?

  • Innovation

BRUSSELS - Belgians are top in sorting out garbage. But what happens to the PET bottles we throw in the blue bag? Exactly how many PET bottles do we recycle? And does recycling really reduces fossil plastic production?

Sustainability and transparency in the pharmaceutical sector

  • Healthcare
  • Innovation
  • Science

BELGIUM - The share of the pharmaceutical sector in the Belgian economy is large. According to the organization in 2017, the sector employed 35,711 people and our country exported for a total value of 40.5 billion euros of medicines and vaccines worldwide, which is about 10% of Belgian exports.