Jan Zappner, born in 1973, is a Berlin based freelance photographer, working for newspapers / magazines and corporate clients.

Just after finishing his exam in law he started working as a photographer by travelling through eastern europe. His czech roots helped him to understand the people in this huge region. It is because of this early experience that, when working on his own projects, he concentrates on social topics mainly from eastern Europe.

His work has been published in many national and international publications like Geo Magazine, Financial Times, The Times, Elle, Le Monde, Der Spiegel, Le Figaro, Rund, Journalist, Financial Times Deutschland, PR Magazine, J├╝dische Allgemeine and more.

He is represented by: Imagetrust

In 2011 he founded a photo agency specialized on corporate photography: Raum 11.

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Jan Zappner

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Kaliningrad, invisible battleground

  • Politics

KALININGRAD - The case of the Russian province Kaliningrad has been causing a war of nerves between East and West. Reports about re-militarisation and information warfare are reminiscent of a Cold War 2.0. Is Europe turning back to a bipolar logic?