Jimmy Hendrickx (°1979, Antwerp) is a Belgian documentary filmmaker. 

Jimmy taught film editing at the School of Arts for several years before traveling the world looking for inspiration for his own projects. After some experiments in Hong Kong, he filmed the short film SEMALU at an abandoned construction site with local kids, winning several awards and screening at dozens of festivals. In 2012 he landen in Indonesia and developed his ambitious project A punk Daydream, gaining the following of thousands of local punks online.

Basic information

Jimmy Hendrickx
Documentary maker, Indonesia

Supported projects

The savior of the Kaja Kaja

  • Human Rights

Jimmy Hendrickx traveled to a remote tribe in Papua in the footsteps of the Belgian missionary Petrus Vertenten. He worked there about a hundred years ago and saved the tribe from extermination, for which he is still honored.