Kristian Van der Heyden is a Belgian film producer

"Film producer, entrepreneur, actor, film finance expert, and creative director.
I have many years of experience as a creative producer for film, video and TV. 

I have a MA in visual arts and love creativity. I bring in concepts and creative ideas
to help fine-tune a project, and bring out the best results with focus on dazzling efficiency.
I love to bring the right people together on any project - looking for matching skills and personalities.

My clients are talent agencies, production companies, Tv networks, and other producers,
as well as start-ups and advertising agencies seeking advice for film in finance and creativity.

Before producing, I studied film studio management, then performance art and contemporary art,theater, film and improvisation. I studied Acting in Los Angeles, then directing and producing since 2010. Around 2012 I got involved in film finance, first in the USA, then in Europe. I have the capacity to create accurate finance plans and help fund international projects.

I am also an entrepreneur with several accomplishments. Harald House is my third company. I am co-founder of a successful auto-mechanic shop for women, based in Van Nuys California, "Car Friend". I am also co-founder of PORT ACTIF, a non-profit event planner for video artist exhibits. We had exhibitions and screenings from Hong Kong to Bali, Bruges, Bangkok, showing off exclusive video art from around the world.

I also love documentaries.
My latest work A punk Daydream had a work-in-progress screening at Edinburg International Film Festival, the oldest film festival in the world, February 2018."

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Kristian Van der Heyden

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The savior of the Kaja Kaja

  • Human Rights

Jimmy Hendrickx traveled to a remote tribe in Papua in the footsteps of the Belgian missionary Petrus Vertenten. He worked there about a hundred years ago and saved the tribe from extermination, for which he is still honored.