Lode Delputte is a reporter for the newspaper De Morgen. He follows already for many years the developments in Latin America. He visited a dozen times. Apart from Cuba, Delputte wrote about the drug war in Colombia, the ore mines in Peru and the youth gangs in Central America. 

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Lode Delputte

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Brazilian boom

  • Politics

BRAZIL - For 'Brazilian boom' Lode Delputte travelled throughout the country. In his passionate stories, Delputte outlines the great changes that make Brazil such a fascinating country. 

Cuba after Castro

  • Politics

CUBA - Everyone has an opinion about Cuba, but in 'Cuba after Castro' Lode Delputte shows what is really at stake. Cuba's future is inextricably linked to its self-proclaimed glorious past. No reasonable person would doubt that Fidel Castro's time is long gone. Even the political elite in Havana have come to understand that today's revolution is but a glimpse of what it used to be.