Luca Putteman is a communication expert who worked for the United Nations in Morocco and Jordan, and for the EU, the Belgian development program and USAID in Benin, where she currently lives.

She has a no-nonsense style of working that gets her talking to almost anyone. She made reports for Belgian national television and the international online press. Always with a clear focus on migration.

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Luca Putteman

Supported projects

Yovo Bonsoir

  • Human Rights

Yovo Bonsoir breaks with clichés about Africa. The white volunteer traveling in West African Benin is the guide. With the help of local colleagues, three young Flemish journalists investigate the true nature of "voluntourism", a popular holiday trend that combines tourism and volunteerism.

Ça Bouge au Benin

  • Politics

The most controversial candidate in the upcoming presidential elections in Wes-African microstate Benin is Lionel Zinsou, who has roots in Benin but was born and raised in France. Will the next president in West-Africa be a white man?

Morocco - Terre des Migrants

  • Migration
  • Human Rights
  • Equality

MOROCCO - Random arrests, assault, raids, deportation to Algeria. The fate of many Sub-Saharan illegal and legal refugees in Morocco. Maithé Franco and Luca Putteman talked to victims and investigated what role Europe plays in this story.