MOROCCO - Random arrests, assault, raids, deportation to Algeria. The fate of many Sub-Saharan illegal and legal refugees in Morocco. Maithé Franco and Luca Putteman talked to victims and investigated what role Europe plays in this story.

Maithé Franco is a young reporter and her friend Luca Putteman worked as a volunteer in Morocco. Together they go out with Pierre Delagrange who works for the refugees.

Filming in refugee camps is forbidden. But Pierre manages to shoot a few images with a small camera. The refugees live in poor conditions in improvised tents. Some of them bear the scars of mistreatment.

Maithé and Luca experience at first hand that the government prefers not to distribute images of the refugees. When they are filming on the street, they are suddenly arrested by the police. They have to continue their interviews in more discreet places.

Cyriaque is one of the people who wants to do his story in front of the camera. He lost a leg after he was pushed under a train by the police.

Team members

Luca Putteman

Luca Putteman is a Belgian communication expert.

€ 5.000 allocated on 29/04/2013.


  • Maroc, Terre des Migrants, Vranckx, VRT (Belgian public broadcaster), 19/10/2013.

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